Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Job Search in Israel Blog – 6 Months Old

The Job Search in Israel blog ( has passed the six (6) month mark, and I have kept to my target of one new article a week. The objective with the site is to explore issues related to seeking work in Israel, designed for newcomers and long-time residents, as well as those considering moving here. On the right-side of the blog page, there is an archive of all of the previous articles; here is a quick list of some of them:
There is a shortage of job search material that is lacking from the site, of course there are plenty of areas untouched. However, with so much readily available on the web, I don’t want to simply duplicate what can be found by anyone via a simple Google search. Rather, I am trying to address specific issues related to Israel and your employment search.

So, I am asking for your help, dear readers. Please write to me at with feedback on the site, suggestions for future article subjects, problems you have encountered in your job search, and/or questions that you have about seeking work in Israel. So far, readers' comments are positive and encouraging, and I am enthusiastic about continuing to add new material based upon your interests and needs. So, please do take the time to send me a message.

And, best of success in your job search!

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