Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Has Your Job Search Reached the Ninja Level?

Even though I am involved in the recruitment sector, I find myself somehow out of touch with certain terms that are used regularly in job titles, including ninja, rock star, samurai, assassin, mermaid… (Ok, I admit, I made the last two up).  For instance, here are some recent examples: seeking a rock star programmer, or a sales ninja needed.

A job candidate recently sent me their CV, and informed me that their English was at a samurai level.  I wrote back to ask if this was a higher than a ninja or rock-star English level, but didn’t receive a response – so I am now wondering if samurai is somehow below fluency level, and the candidate was not able to understand my question in English.  In fact, I imagine that most of the hereditary warrior class in feudal Japan (the definition I found for samurai on was probably less than conversational in English.

Maybe someone reading this would be kind enough to define these terms. 

And for you creative souls out there, I would be happy to receive your suggestions of additional job titles that we can introduce into this dynamic, superhero-like mix. 

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