Saturday, November 14, 2009

LinkedIn – Search and Be Found

As I have discussed previously, networking is critical to a job seekers success: And developing new connections is an integral part of making your networking work best. Wouldn’t you love to have access to thousands of Israeli professionals that you could meet and begin conversations with? And be to be part of a group that Israeli recruiters use to find qualified job candidates? Actually you do have such a resource, completely free and available from the comfort of your own home: LinkedIn.

LinkedIn claims to have more than 50 million users worldwide. From my experience, half of them seem to be Israelis! This is of course an exaggeration, as there are not this many Israelis in the world (yet), but the point is that there are a huge number (tens of thousands) of Israelis that use LinkedIn.

LinkedIn users can be put into two (2) categories:

  1. Recruiters – Either company recruiters or from placement companies/headhunters
  2. Professionals in a wide variety of jobs and industries

The objective with recruiters is to be found, and to use the opportunity to highlight your skills and work experience in order to make a favorable impression.

You can use the large quantity of Israeli professionals to search for those that match your interests, and then to introduce yourself.

In upcoming articles, I will develop in detail how to use LinkedIn to target recruiters and how to find and introduce yourself to others that can help you identify employment opportunities.

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